all my fountains

If you know me at all, you know I am a naturally busy person, and I really like reflecting on the impact my busy-ness has on my life. And if you’ve read any of my writing, you know I love metaphors. So, for those of you for which these two charming qualities about me have grown on you, don’t worry, this post will not disappoint.

There have been times in my life that my busy-ness was a reflection of my inability to face things going on in my own life. But, I think truly my busy-ness now is simply a reflection of how many things and people in this world I want to take part in. Admittedly, most of these things have selfish desires driving them, and they often become a distraction from what truly matters.

I have been reading in Psalms, and this week I was struck by a familiar verse.

“As they make music they will sing, ‘All my fountains are in you'” Psalm 87:7

Immediately, I thought of the image of building a fountain in an ocean. I’m sure you’ve heard this metaphor before so stick with me…and it seems silly, but this would certainly be the most sustainable course of action for an ever flowing fountain. My metaphor kinda falls through here because most fountains now have a super-efficient drainage system that just reuses the water. But, I suppose it makes more of a statement to think of a drinking fountain.

Because I can be honest and say that there are times when I feel as if people come up to me, press buttons and expect a large gulp of freshly flowing, cold water, and walk away. And in the moment, I feel as if I was made to do that, and I feel as if I was glorifying the Lord. And so, I begin to set up a drinking fountain in every dry spot I can find, with a large sign above my head that says “Cold Water Here.” 

ok now this is funny…this is me. It’s pretty obnoxious if you think about it.

And there is something good about seeking out the dryness; but after a month, or a week, or a day, of building a fountain in the middle of a desert, I don’t have any cold water left. And that not only creates a deficit for me, but it also totally strips the glory right out of the power that the Lord gave me in that moment. Because I have taken a gift, something so sweet, and made it selfish, coated in pride, and temporary. 

My prayer right now is to build my fountains in an ocean. So that when the Lord prompts me to go out in the desert daily, I bring those I find back to the shore. So that I root my energy and life in the Lord. So that no matter how many people or things look to me for cold water, I still have an abundant supply. So that I do not advertise a temporary satisfaction or my own personal ability, but that I overflow continually with an eternal source.

If you find yourself feeling depleted and overworked, or like all the work you are doing for the Lord is physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining, I prompt you to revisit your blueprints. Where are your fountains built? 

Join me and the Psalmist in singing to the Lord “All my fountains are in you.”


One thought on “all my fountains

  1. I love this and I completely get it. I have said/pondered the same thing but not as eloquently. Also the fact that we must be in constant renewal ourselves or have nothing to give away. But the evil one is so quick to deceive that “our” wisdom is what fills when what we need to drink from is God’s word and then from that will flow the living water we can pass on. Self sufficiency is often the greatest deception and impediment to growth and it happens slowly until one day we realise that what we are living AND giving is us and how dangerous are those consequences. “Even the rocks call His name”. I pray my heart is never so hardened and assured in my own self that I am not pliable to His word working in me, on me and through me so that I am only the vessel and His word shines through. I love how you seek Him Lexie and how vulnerable you are so that when we journey with you we see our own vulnerabilities as well. Love you and praying for you xo


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