skip the drive-thru

It has been awhile since I have written. But that is not because God has been silent. In fact, He has been quite loud.

Last week at work, my boss asked me if I had any “prayer networks” to tap into. Honestly, I kind of chuckled to myself as I thought about the extensive network of believers I could contact quickly.

I’m not really a mass email or text person, but she asked, and it was for something that is important to her. She was about to give a speech to present a motion to make it policy of her political party to criminalise the purchase of sex, essentially to tackle the demand of prostitution (a legal act in the UK).

I told her I would ask my friends to pray. And so I did. I sent an email to maybe 50 people that I know who would be willing to pray. Within minutes, the email had been forwarded to over 100 people—and this was just the beginning.

I was able to tell her she had a host of people praying for her across the world. However, to be honest, this moment might have been more impactful for me than for her. I was blown away by the faithfulness of my fellow believers. I was lucky enough to experience a moment where the power of prayer was heavy and extraordinarily evident.

If you know me at all, you know I like to talk. I spend a lot of time talking. But if I assess my day, I direct an embarrassingly minimal amount of words to the Lord.

I have the incomparable ability to speak to the creator of the Universe who tells the sun to shine and the rain to fall, and yet I utilize him at my own leisure. It’s kinda like I let him sit on the other side of a drive-thru window at McDonalds. When I’m hungry, I push the button and speak, waiting for a response just long enough to see what I owe before moving on and expecting my order within minutes.

I have been moving closer and closer to a place that I am lucky to say I have been before: where I am so in love with Jesus that I am consistently seeking His words and the freedom He promises. But, that does not mean that I am devoid of responsibility to continue pursuing Him.

After listening to a convicting sermon, I’ve decided to call a spade a spade. I do not want to make excuses for my relationship with Jesus, operate in comparisons, or sit idly waiting for God to do something big.  As the sermon noted, if I have been “too busy” for months, that’s indifference. If I consistently choose sleep over Jesus, that’s idolatry. If quiet time becomes a chore, thats not a discipline issue, its a heart issue.

But, if I consistently turn my heart toward Jesus,  if I fiercely destroy the drive-thru window barriers that I meticulously put up, if I deny the human expectation that I “owe” God anything besides my heart, if I boldly speak words of fear, praise, sorrow, joy, and if I wait hungry and expectant for his faithfulness, thats devotion. It is the kind of devotion I want to mark my relationship with Jesus.

One of my dearest prayer warriors wrote recently to me including a favorite C.S. Lewis quote: “Relying on God has to begin all over again everyday as if nothing had yet been done.” And wow is that true. In a sense, it is frustrating that my human nature can shift my heart at a moments notice. But in another sense, it is beautiful that I get a chance every morning once again to right my ugly, wandering heart–to bind it once again to Him.

So, here’s to devotion. Here’s to recognizing and utilizing the power of prayer.

Here’s to skipping the drive-thru and going inside.

Thank you to those who joined in my prayer parade. It was truly an awesome experience. If you’d like to help me in my devotion to prayer, send me prayer requests 🙂



One thought on “skip the drive-thru

  1. Wow Lexie … you have such a capacity to bear your heart wide open and in doing so cause me to reflect and do the same. I truly am ministered to every time I read your posts and thank you so much for what I learn through you. So thankful and happy for your journey xoxo


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